2 JUNE 1866, Page 1


rEIHE prospects of the Reform Bill are not growing bright. The Tories have resolved to support Captain Hayter's motion, the division on which will be taken on Monday, and expect the sup- port of many of the thirty Adallamites, and of almost all mem- bers for the menaced boroughs. Many Liberals, moreover, who dare not stay away when the question is one of reducing the franchise, can avoid a vote on the subject of grouping, while that part of the scheme attracts no Tories. It is considered even possible that an alliance will be struck up between the Tories and the more Conservative Whigs, that Captain Hayter's motion will be carried, and that Government will then resign without a disso- lution, which in the present state of opinion might be disastrous to the party. The only chance for the Bill is the adhesion of that section of the Adullamites which honestly wished for a complete measure, and having got one will vote for it, and that is a very slender one.