2 JUNE 1866, Page 2

In the same debate Mr. Goschen made one very good

point in answer to the criticisms on the grouping measure of the Government. It is said that it is very wrong to group boroughs with quite different interests, — the lacemakers of Honiton, for instance, with the ropemakers of Bridport,—but what is any 'large borough like Westminster, for example, except a group of a hundred such distinct interests? This is nearly a com- plete answer. If the City of London, disrupted and is it were fired off from a gun, would make a hundred boroughs of separate interests, there is no more reason why these hundred should not vote together, in spite of the chasms of space between them, than now, when there are no such chasms. At least, as far as the difference of interests is concerned, there is absolutely no elistinc- ..tion between the two cases.