2 JUNE 1866, Page 23

The Changed Cross. The Words by L. P. W., Illuminations

by R- R. (Hardivicke ; Wakeling, Brighton.)—Seeing that this very pleasing specimen of chromolithography bears upon Its front the name of a. Brighton publisher, we are irresistibly compelled to associate it with the idea of St. Paul's Church in that town. Sure we are that the fair worshippers at that or any kindred shrine would appreciate the polite- ness which should consider the graceful symbolization of this little- volume an adequate representation of their religions feelings. It com- prises about a score of inoffensive verses, profusely illustrated. with crosses and crowns, and the moral sought to be conveyed is that people must not choose their cross for its prettiness, bat take that which is- laid upon them, and doing so, will find it not deficient in decorations eventually. Each page has a fancy bordering, and we are informed that. the copyright of the borders is reserved.