2 JUNE 1933, Page 1

A Success for the League Full credit is . due

to the League of Nations for the success of its handling of the dispute between Peru and Colombia, which has been settled. on precisely the basis. laid down by the committee to :which the League Council. entrusted the affair. It is a matter of some interest that the chairman of the committee was the Irish Free State.delegate, Mr. Lester, who discharged his task extremely well; that the United States Minister at -.Berne joined in its deliberations throughout ; and that in American circles it is acknowledged that the settle- ment of a dispute on the American continent wag due solely to the Geneva discussions. What is more, an American is to be one member of the commission of three (the other two being a Spaniard and a Brazilian) who are to superintend the evacuation of the occupied Colombian territory by Peru and remain in control of the territory over a period of a year. There was no excuse for its occupation by Peruvian irregulars, and there was no element of compromise in the League's findings. Peru, to her credit, has accepted a verdict which conceded the whole of Colombia's claim. It is a small, but very opportune, success for Geneva.