2 JUNE 1933, Page 16

ADVERTISING- OURSELVES " the Editor Of THE SPECTATOR.] lit,—,Next month

London will be at home to a multitude

• , ,

of foreign visitors. . Delegates to the International Cong rev; of Building SoCieties, which opens on June 5th, and to the World Economic Conference, which opens on dune 1--th, will alone number-well over two thousand, and will be drawn from over sixty different nations. The presence of so many foreign visitors in our midst provides us with an excellent opportunity for a little "showing off." In London they will see -in any case the gay social life of the "season." Call they also be- shown—I believe it would interest them far more—the way in which. we actually, run our country ?

Municipal organization, in.particular, has a wealth of interest for foreign _visitors, and I feel that Local Authorities could help very greatly to increase our prestige abroad were they to take steps. to bring their many excellently run services before their notice. Ratepayers at home might also be 'invited to inspect them, for as a rule our own people are -woefully ignorant of what lies at their doors. As a nation we are still too apt to emphasize our shortcomings, and the foreigner in consequence takes us at our own valuation. A demonstration of some of our achievements on the lines I suggest, would be a vaimable corrective to this national