2 JUNE 1933, Page 2

Nazi Victory in Danzig The alarums and excursions following the

sweeping victory of the Nazis in the election in the Free City of Danzig are now giving place to a somewhat quieter atmosphere. They are in a position to form a Govern- ment without relying on any other party, but a two- thirds majority is necessary to entitle them to apply to the League of Nations for authority to change the Constitution. That they could get with the support of the ten members of the Centre Party. Their leader, Dr. Rauschning, has declared his intention of respecting the Constitution, guaranteed by the League, and promises that there will be no attempt to bar Jews or Socialists from the holding of public offices. That is all to the good, so far as it goes. The Danzig Nazis recognize that their triumph there cannot have all the results of a Nazi triumph in Germany. But their political prin- ciples, their sympathies, their "spiritual home" are all with the National Socialists of the Fatherland, and they look to Herr Hitler, not for instructions, but for guidance. The task of keeping the peace between an aspiring Nazi Government and the Polish authorities responsible for foreign affairs and communications will impose delicate responsibilities on the new High Commissioner.