2 JUNE 1933, Page 26

SIX TO SIXTEEN Compiled by Mrs. Charles Bridge

This is the catalogue of an interesting and valuable enter- prise, The Children's Book Club, an institution which: provides for its members a circulating library of books suitable for their varying ages. The catalogue is divided into two parts, the first containing an alphabetical list of the authors whose books are available ; the second of books classified under the heading of their subjects. Far the best is the list of Historical and Period Fiction, with short notes describing the contents of each book : the least satisfactory is the section on Elementary Biology, to which (together with the list of Poetry) only superficial attention appears to have been given. The choice of fiction for the older members is excellent, and it is refreshing to note such writers as Miss Stella Benson, Miss Delafield, Mr. Sinclair Lewis and Mr. II. M. Tomlinson added, to the customary lists.. The catalogue costs 2s. 6d. -and can be obtained, with particulars bf member- ship of the club, from the Children's Book Club, 17 Cum naught Street, W. 2.