2 JUNE 1933, Page 3

The Derby The Derby was won last Wednesday by Lord

Derby's Hyperion, ridden by T. Weston, who had the ride on Sansovino which won for Lord Derby in 1924. The race, in spite of the gloomy predictions of the weather prophets, was run in ideal conditions, and Hyperion, who was made favourite in the last minute, won in record time from Sir Hugo Cunliffe-Owen's King Salmon, with Mr. Emanuel's Statesman third. The attendance seemed unusually small, and such crowds as there were preserved an air of unexpected reticence. It is possible that to many people the race itseff may come as an anti-climax after the excitement, judiciously fostered by the popular Press, of awaiting the appearance of their names in the prize-lists of the Irish Sweepstake. And rumour has it that such probable prize-winners as are available are induced to remain within a suitable distance of Fleet Street, to provide, should fortune smile on them, details of their private lives for the edification of the public.