2 JUNE 1979, Page 20

No cause for anxiety

Sir: I have only just seen your leading article of 19 May. As an ordinary backbencher I am flattered by the attention you pay me; but I confess that I find your conclusions a little far-fetched. I was elected to the Iasi Parliament on 1 March and I just had time to make my 'retread maiden' speech on the night the late government fell. I now look forward to the opportunity to work myself in as the representative of the Knutsford constituency. You refer to an article which I wrote in the Daily Telegraph shortly before the recent election campaign, in which I put forward some suggestions for possible economies in public spending. These suggestions included a moratorium on recruitment into the Civil Service, which is precisely what the Government has now imposed; and the need for a long, cool look at the huge programme of industrial subsidisation to sustain deadend jobs at the expense of those with a real future, which is what the Chancellor has announced. I really cannot see anything here to justify the anxieties You express about the possibility of a reversal of the strategy on which the Government was elected. Indeed very much the contrary. Jock Bruce-Gardyne

House of Commons, London SW1