2 JUNE 1990, Page 26

Books for Rumania

Sir: Noel Malcolm's article on Rumania (`Good old bad old times', 26 May) seemed distressingly accurate to me and no more so than when he wrote about Ruma- nians being 'starved of information about the real world'. I've just come back from a two-week British Council tour of the coun- try with Simon Brett and everywhere we went we found the same thing — a tremendous thirst for knowledge of West- ern culture but pitifully few books and no magazines or newspapers.

Could I use your columns to make a suggestion? There is a thriving English Department at the University of Cluj and also a small library of English books. The students there have asked me if I can get English writers — particularly crime wri- ters — to send books or any other material which would help in their studies. The British Council lecturer there has said he will deal with anything that is sent. His name and address is: Nigel Townson, British Council, Unitil 3, Sc 1 Ap. 9, 3400 Cluj-Napoca, Rumania.

Tim Heald

305 Sheen Road, Richmond, Surrey