2 MARCH 1934, Page 19


[To the Editor of THE SPECTATOR.] SIR,—As former Mayors we welcome the decision of the National Association of Local Government Officers to press for the establishment of Whitley Councils throughout the administrative sections of the Local Government Service. No one who has been in any way associated with Local Government can fail to recognize the advantage to Councils and officers alike of having a meeting place in which to - discuss the new problems that are continually arising as Local Government develops.

We arc not thinking of questions like salaries and conditions of service, with which, of course, Whitley Councils would be equally concerned, though here, too, they would be of the greatest value, particularly in bringing in a greater uniformity of rates. We are thinking of the wider aspects of Local Government work, and the value they would be in bringing it into higher public esteem.

Mr. J. H. Whitley, whose name has so appropriately been annexed by the Councils his Committee created, has already congratulated " Nalgo " on its decision to urge the extension of Joint Industrial Councils, and we hope Councils of all kinds will give a very sympathetic reception to the representa- tions now to be made to them by the officers who serve them, their Councils, and the country, so loyally and faithfully.— We arc, Sir, &c.,

HENRI* JACKSON, Late Mayor of Wandsworth ; T. E. GROVES, Late Mayor of West 11am; II. J. SOPER, Late Mayor of Barnsley.

House of Commons.