2 MARCH 1934, Page 56

A Hundred Years Ago


The past week has been a busy one at Court. On Monday, the Queen's birth-day was celebrated by a Drawing-room ; at which the company was very numerous and splendid. All the knights of the different orders wore their collars. The Foreign Ambassadors were most' magnificently attired • Prince Esterhazy, and the Prince and Princess Lieven, being the most conspicuous. The Dutchess of Kent and the Princess Victoria were dressed entirely in articles of British manufacture. About one o'clock, the Arch- bishop of Canterbury, -accompanied by several of the Bishops,

' was introduced to her Majesty, by the Earl of Denbigh ; and read, as usual, an address of congratulation.

• * *

GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY.-011 Wednesday, a bill for making a railway from London, through Readitmg, to Bath and Bristol, was brought in and read a first time, on the motion of Lord GRANVILL11 SOMERSET.

* * *

Charing Cross Hospital has been opened within these few dap' for the reception of patients. The-first casualty patient admitted within its walls was a widow, who in crossing the Strand was run over by one of the omnibuses she was immediately taken into the hospital, within sight of whicl the accident occurred, and it was fonad that several of her ribs were fractured.