2 MARCH 1934, Page 56


There are probably few people in a better position to - judge the trend of business in Retail Stores than Mr. Gordon Selfridge, and at the recent annual meeting of Selfridge and Co., the Chairman of that Company remarked on the fact that there has come to nearly everyone in business in England, during the last half of 1933, a demonstration of generally improved conditions. Following upon three years of sagging business, with a reduction in the purchasing power of the individual, Mr. Selfridge discerned distinctly better conditions, and he maintained that this improvement has come about without governmental or other aid," proving that the so-called capitalistic system, as the world has known it for hundreds of years, can, and will, rebuild the structure of business which the terrible war and great governmental faults and errors have nearly destroyed. I note that the traders of St. Marylebone are giving a compli- mentary dinner to Mr. Selfridge on the 15th of this month, marking the 25th anniversary of the founding of Selfridge and Co. This is a distinctly unusual, but pleasing, gesture from competing tradesmen.