2 MARCH 1934, Page 6

I am watching with interest and an instinctive sym- pathy

the fight of the _inhabitants of Bedford Square, against the _London Passenger Transport Board which proposes to run frolleY-'buseS along the west side of the square. If I lived in Bedford Square I should feel precisely as the residents there do, and their ease for the preservation of this perfect speciinen of Georgian symmetry from riotous intrusion is strong. But the L.P.T.B. no doubt has a case. The_ provigion -of efficient through transport faCilitieS is ari important matter, and if the adoption -of the Bedford Square route can be proved to make for subStantially more efficiency than any other then private interests cannot be allowed indefinitely to bar the way. It is that conflict of two - . types- of interest which gives the question' a more than local importance. In this case the proof Of the heed must be more than ordinarily decisive, and I hope it