2 MARCH 1991, Page 23

Freedom fighters

Sir: With all due respect to Noel Malcolm, he is incorrect to state (Margaret Thatch- er: the silent years', 16 February) that apart from the IEDSS there is 'not a single institute in this country with a distinctively Conservative or right-wing approach to foreign policy'. The International Freedom Foundation has been operating since 1987;


publishing books and pamphlets on a wide variety of foreign policy issues from a broadly conservative and free market per- spective and taking figures such as Chief Mangosuthu Buthelezi to the Conservative Party conference. In 1990 we held confer- ences on free market issues in London, Brussels and Prague which were addressed by speakers such as John Redwood MP and Oliver Letwin and gave our annual Freedom Award to the Czech Finance Minister Vaclav Klaus.

I hope this reassures you that not every- thing is gloomy on the 'think-tank' front.

Andrew Hubback

Head of Research, International Freedom Foundation, Chesham House, 150 Regent Street, London WI