2 MAY 1891, Page 25

lathe series of "The Cambridge Bible for Schools and Colleges,"

which is appearing under the general editorship of the Bishop of

Worcester (Cambridge University Press), we have The Book of Psalms, with Introduction and Notes, by the Rev. A. F. Kirk- patrick, B.D. This volume contains the first of the ancient divisions of the Psalter (dating from before the making of the Septuagint version), namely, Psalms iaxli. Professor Kirkpatrick's views on the authorship of the Psalms are particularly interesting. He discusses the subject generally in the introduction, and re• views the evidence for each Psalm separately in the notes. A considerable number are in the end attributed to David. The annotation is most thorough and valuable.—The People's Bible. By Joseph Parker, D.D. (Hodder and Stoughton.)—This, the fourteenth volume of "Discourses upon Holy Scripture," deals with Ecclesiastes, the Song of Solomon, and Isaiah i.-xxvi. But who are the hearers for whom the preacher intends these dis- courses ? Surely he must presume very much on their ignorance when he calmly states that the " Preacher " was "the son of David." And the allegorical interpretation of Canticles seems a little out of date.