2 MAY 1891, Page 3

The persecution of the Jews continues in Russia, and extends.

They are now forbidden to live in Moscow or Kieft or to practise their usual trades in any of the cities of Old Russia. They are, in fact, being pressed towards the Polish Provinces, with the obvious intention of compelling them to emigrate. Immense numbers are therefore accepting baptism, with the intention, probably, of retaining their faith in secret. We have said enough on the persecution elsewhere, but may mention here that many capitalists of the faith are seeking a place in which to plant Jewish Colonies, and that Baron Hirsch pro- mises to devote 0,000,000 to this object. The locality to be selected is not fixed, but will probably be a province of Brazil. The difficulty of all such schemes is, that few Jews are agricul- turists, and all are disinclined towards that form of industry. They are not suited for the occupation of new countries. Baron Hirsch and his associates would do much better to buy Pales- tine, which, though it would not hold all modern Jews, would attract and hold large numbers, We suppose Persia, a rich and comparatively unoccupied land, would not do, though Jews and llussulmana have before now succeeded in getting along together.