2 MAY 1931, Page 14


The great need of the moment is a multiplication of County branches of the C.P.R.E. ; and, personally, I rejoice to see signs of an amalgamation with the Rural Community Councils. Some of these, as in Kent, have done, and will do, magnificent work, including Preservation in their beneficent activities. With these the C.P.R.E. may co-operate fruitfully. But very few of these Councils—not more than three or four—are pulling their weight ; and preservation is not only a general obligation : it is immediate. If not insured now, all is over. The title that Mr. Clough Williams-Ellis rejected for his first and most lively book, gives a true warning : "Going, Going, Gone " ; and that last trump of a monosyllable will be sounded if the work of this beneficent Council is left in other hands, less skilled, less earnest, less powerful.