2 MAY 1987, Page 19

Asian hearts

Sir: Alexandra Artley (`Out of sight, out of mind', 25 April) is correct to point out that our 1986 report Coronary Heart Disease and Asians in Britain raised more questions than it answered about Asian health in this field. In view of the present state of research in the field it could not have been otherwise.

One positive result from the report is that the Coronary Prevention Group in conjunction with the new Health Educa- tion Authority are organising a workshop with Asian health-workers to determine what information should be made available to the Asian communities about coronary heart disease prevention.

But until we have more information about the underlying cause of coronary heart disease among Asians in Britain, we can only scratch the surface of the prob- lem. This is why the research proposed by Professor Marmot, the first major epidemiological research project of its kind, is vital. It is also why, when the Government has just launched its 'Look After Your Heart' campaign, the DHSS should reconsider its refusal to fund this work.

Anne Dillon

Director, The Coronary Prevention Group, 60 Great Ormond Street, London WC1