2 NOVEMBER 1872, Page 23

Cattle, Sheep, and Deer. By Duncan G. F. Macdonald, LL.D.

(Steel and Jones.)—This is one of the books which we must content our- selves with describing. Dr. Macdonald, who has probably as large an experience as any man in Great Britain, gives us a book which has not indeed the literary interest which can be made to attach to the subject, but is a very thorough and useful manual. Any one who wants to know which is the best breed of cattle for the dairy or for the butcher, or rather, what is the best breed under given circumstances ; how he is to deal with them, feed them, fatten there, &c., cannot have a better guide than this volume. Some part or other of this first section will be of interest to many readers ; any one who "keeps a cow" may learn something from it. The mond chapter, on "Sheep," is meant for a more limited class, except indeed we are to include all who eat mutton, and these doubtless will be benefited indirectly by Dr. Macdonald's knowledge. The third section treats of "Deer.' Here we notice some facts which are worth con- sidering on the economical value of the food which is supplied by game. A very full index makes the copious information contained in the volume easily available.