2 NOVEMBER 1907, Page 11


La Democratic Individualiste. Par Yves Guyot. (V. Giard et E. Briere, Paris. 3 fr.)—In view of the rapidly rising controversy with regard to Socialism, Englishmen who believe in democracy as well as in Individualism may be strongly recom- mended to read a little book called La Democratic Indi- vidualiste by M. Yves Guyot. In this brightly written little volume M. Guyot deals with some of tho more important fallacies employed by Socialist writers, and further shows how the working of Individualist principles conduces to the general good. Incidentally he directs attention to some of the forms of Socialism through which mankind has passed, and contrasts the actual or virtual slavery which was then the lot of the working classes with the large liberty those classes now enjoy. He defines Individualism as a political doctrine which teaches that "the individual is the end and the State the means," and though this definition does not perhaps cover the whole ground, it serves as a very useful starting-point.