2 NOVEMBER 1907, Page 17

The effect of the Csernova riot is by no means

confined to the Slav population in Hungary, but is exciting a strong feeling throughout the Austro-Hungarian Empire. For example, on Wednesday, though the Austrian Parliament has no claim to express any opinion on the affairs of Hungary, two Czech Radical Deputies raised the question, and demanded that the joint Foreign Minister should obtain an official report in regard to the Csernova riot, and inquire whether the guilty will be punished. The interpellators significantly pointed out that the " massacre " might influence the attitude of the Czechs towards the new Treaty between Austria and Hungary. The President of the Austrian Parliament was of course obliged to rule the question out of order ; but, according to the Times telegram in Friday's issue, he expressed, amid "loud and general applause," his deep personal sympathy

with "the victims of the catastrophe." In the Hungarian Chamber the leader of the Slovaks, Dr. Hodzsa, could not be prevented from raising the question, but his doing so caused a heated scene.