2 NOVEMBER 1907, Page 18

A new chapter in the Druce case was opened on

Friday week, when Mr. George H. Druce brought a charge of perjury at the Marylebone Police Court against his half-uncle, Mr. Herbert Druce, the present proprietor of the Baker Street Bazaar. Mr. Atherley-Jones, who appeared for the prosecutor, stated that it was sought to establish that Mr. Herbert Druce had committed wilful perjury in stating in 1898 that he had seen his father, Mr. T. C. Drum, lying dead in his coffin in 1864, and that he had been buried in Highgate Cemetery. The prosecution proposed to call, amongst other witnesses, a Mr. Caldwell, to *loin, it is alleged, the late Duke of Portland disclosed the secret of his identity with Mr. T. C. Druce, and with whose help the Duke carried out his simulated death and burial in 1864; and a Miss Robinsoh, who had been employed at the Baker Street Bazaar, and had also acted as amanuensis to the Duke at Welbeck. The case has been adjourned till next Friday, and in the interval the diary kept by Miss Robinson has been placed at the disposal of Mr. Avory, the counsel for the defence. We must, of course, withhold all comment on these singular allegations while the matter is sub juclice.