2 NOVEMBER 1907, Page 18

Sir Antony MacDonnell before he left Ireland recently on a

visit to the United States announced, as be could not well have refrained from doing if be mentioned the subject at all„ that cattle-driving was illegal, and must be stopped. Yet it continues. The incitements to it are open and go unrebuked. Mr. Ginnell (we quote from the Times of last Saturday) has declared that the extension of cattle-driving by the branches of the United Irish League is "making the National movement a reality." He said that "if the ranches, were stripped, and kept stripped, if the grass were left uneaten and uncut, and the long grass left to rot over' hundreds oi acres, as it was rotting in Galway and Roscommon, no crime was committed." Mr. Sheehy, again, has declared that the grazing system can be "strangled by combination and determination."