2 NOVEMBER 1907, Page 19

On Saturday last the King received the Lords-Lieutenant of England,

Scotland, and Wales at Buckingham Palace, and addressed them on their responsibilities in working the new Army Act. That Act revived much of the great importance which used to belong to the office of Lord-Lieutenant ; to the Lords-Lieutenant were now delegated the duties of raising, equipping, and maintaining that past of the Imperial Army of the Second Line which was within the shores of Great Britain. This Territorial Army would receive complete military organisation. In this difficult task the military authorities, who would command and train the troops, would render all the help possible ; but ultimate success must depend upon the goodwill and public spirit of the nation. That spirit would be guided by the Lords-Lieutenant at the head of the County Associations. The King was confident that they would employ their best endeavours to carry out this high work. The address of the King was admirably conceived, and we cannot imagine a better introduction to that side of Mr. Haldane's scheme which makes so large a draft on ungrudging patriotic service.