2 NOVEMBER 1907, Page 19

On Wednesday Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman received the freedom of the

city of Edinburgh. It was significant, as he said in his graceful speech, that a Scottish Prime Minister should be made free of the capital of Scotland on the two hundredth anniversary of the Parliamentary union of Scot- land and England. A pleasant episode in the ceremony was the address of Lord Rosebery, who responded at the last moment to demands for a speech. He recognised in Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman "those Scottish qualities of humour, geniality, courtesy, and, if he might add that most distinctively Scottish word of all, 'pawkiness?" " He would have travelled far to pay honour to one whom, though he might be separated from him on questions of public policy, he had long learned to honour and regard. Differences of opinion which did not touch personal honour should never affect personal friendship." This principle sweetens public life, and it is pleasant to have occasional public confession of it.