2 NOVEMBER 1907, Page 30

[To THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR:1 Si - n,—One of the most

urgent alterations which are needed in regard to Prayer-book revision concerns the present use of the Psalter. In it are a number of Psalms which are absolutely opposed to the Christian spirit, and quite unfit to express supplication or thanksgiving by Christians of the present day ; others are distinctly pagan in their spirit; and yet they are recited week after week as though they were expressions of devotion to the Almighty which He could approve. Profitable and acceptable worship must have before all things sincetity for its foundation, and no one who wishes to express his devont feelings honestly can utter these Psalms with any spirit of worship. Many devout Churchmen are compelled to be silent during their recital. There are so many beautiful Psalms throughout the book which express the spirit of Christ's teaching that every devout worshipper would resent the lose of the Psalter from the service; and it would be quite possible to compile a new selection of such Psalms without detriment to the Psalter, and much to the relief of many worshippers. One advantage would also be gained by such a revision,—viz., that the entire book would be reduced in size, and that in the apportioning of the daily Psalms each one would be shorter than at present.—I am, Sir, &c., ELLIOT STOCK.