2 NOVEMBER 1907, Page 33


[To TRH EDITOR OF TUE " SPECT ATOR."] SIR,—Readers of the late J. H. Shorthouse's biography will perhaps remember that after he published "John Inglesant " several instances of such literary coincidences as Mr. Rider Haggard mentions in the Spectator of October 19th were brought to his notice. One was the selection of his first heroine's name, "Mary," though he did not in the least know that the family at Little Gidding bad included a member of that name, of whose character lie gave an exact portrait. Another was in his selection of Wadham College for his hero, not knowing the special circumstances (afterwards brought to his knowledge) connected with the founding of Wadham, which made it the only place at that time which could have produced John Inglesant.—I am, Sir, &c.,


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