2 NOVEMBER 1907, Page 34


[To THE EDITOR OF THE ••13PECTATOL"1 SIR,—Your readers may care to hear that the scheme of church extension at Aldershot, which you allowed to be brought to their notice by a letter from General Eustace, and generously supported in an editorial note (Spectator, March 16th), has so far taken shape that the nave and aisles of a new church have now been dedicated by the Bishop of Winchester As the enlargement of the old parish church is declared by the Bishop to be no less urgent than the building of this new one, and less than half the required funds have been contributed, the Committee felt it necessary to avoid expense as far as possible. But the fact that Mr. T. G. Jackson, R.A., is the architect will, I hope, be accepted by those of your readers who have contributed to the coat as a guarantee that the work is both good and sound.