2 NOVEMBER 1907, Page 34


[To THE EDITOR OF THE " Sin,—The principle on which we seem to live now, especially in London, is that the efficient shall be taxed for the benefit of the inefficient. It is a fine game for the latter ; but the efficient have to suffer. In a few weeks we shall be deluged with the usual stream of heartrending appeals for more of the inefficients ! But before that comes, may I be allowed to make an appeal to your readers for some of the efficient ? I do not ask for money, but for moral support and goodwill for what I believe to be a most valuable body. During the last few months the "London Provident Dispensaries Council" has been formed with the intention and hope of becoming a truly representative body of all the Provident Dispensaries of London. It is hoped that each of these dispensaries may

• be induced to delegate one of their members, whether a medical man or otherwise, to represent them on this central body, and thereby to form a strong Committee who may be able to press forward and to assert the growing importance of the movement of Provident Dispensaries. The objects of the Committee are threefold: (1) to encourage thrift and independence ; (2) to relieve the overcrowded and much-abused out-patients' departments of the London hospitals; (3) to help the interests of the medical profession. Most of the London dispensaries have already selected their delegates, but some have not yet done so, and the object of this letter is to express a hope that all who may have any influence with London Provident Dispensaries may do their best to induce each one to send its delegate to the Central Committee. Mr. H. A. Harben is its first chairman, and the office of the London Provident Dispensaries Council is at 5 Lamb's Conduit Street, Bloomsbury, W.C., where the secretary, Mr. Charles Warren, will be glad to give all further information.—I am, Sir, &c.,

42 Grosvenor Gardens, S. W. FRANCIS BUXTON. [The movement of which Mr. Francis Buxton writes has our warmest sympathy, and we sincerely trust that it will receive the support of all those who desire to maintain the strength of the nation.—En. Spectator.]