2 NOVEMBER 1907, Page 34


[To TIIE EDITOR OF THE " SPECTATOR."1 Sin,—It is not long since we had a great flourish of trumpets about Bertillon's finger-print system, which, it was stated, ensured the detection of an old offender when caught again. The arrest of Major Selwyn was clearly premeditated. Why were not the finger-prints of the man for whom he was mis- taken ready to be compared with his at the police station to

which he was taken P Or, if that natural step bad been. omitted, why were not his finger-prints taken at once and sent off to the proper place for comparison P He is arrested as a known criminal. He denies his identity. The finger- print system would, we are told, settle the question at once. Why was there no effort made to resort to it during the two hours that he remained in custody P—I am, Sir, &c., B. L.