2 NOVEMBER 1907, Page 40

The Angel of Forgiveness. By Rosa Nouchette Carey. (Macmillan and

Co. 6s.)—This is a novel of which it is almost impossible to say anything beyond a vague commendation without revealing the secret of tho plot. This secret, when it is revealed in the course of the story, will probably ho a surprise to many readers. But they will scarcely be satisfied. "Cousin Yvonne," they will think, must have been made of iron to live as she did. And then they will ask : What made her act as she did ? That wo are not told ; but there is only one offence which could be held to have justified her, and this it is impossible to imagine in the man who must have committed it. The way out of the dilemma has been happily contrived by Miss Carey, and the whole book is pleasant to read. We much prefer the love-story of Sydney and Thurston to that of which Gotha, the autobiographer, is the heroine.