2 NOVEMBER 1907, Page 41

Stokes' Cydopaedia of Familiar Quotations, Compiled by Elford Eveleigh Treffry

(W. and R. Chambers, as. 6d. net), contaisu "five thousand selections from six hundred authors." The feature of the book is the copious index, filling more than three hundred pages. Obviously this largely increases the book's chances of usefulness. If you want a quotation on a given subject, it is less likely to escape you if all the clues are given.

With this may be mentioned a new volume in " Sonnen- schein's Reference Series" (Swan Sonnenschein and Co., 7s. (3d.), Dictionary of Spanish Quotations, by T. B. Hat-bottle and Martin Hume. The book was commenced by Mr. Harbottle, and has been completed by Major Hume, a most competent person, by whose co-operation the series is largely benefited.