2 NOVEMBER 1907, Page 41

The Seo, - Dyaks of Borneo. By the Rev. Edwin H. Comes.

is. net.)—Mr. Gomes, who carried on for a considerable time the missionary work to which his father devoted himself for many years, gives us here an interesting account of the Sea- Dyaks, the coast population of Borneo, quite distinct, we are told, in traditions and language from the Land-Dyaks who inhabit the interior. He represents them as an amiable race, not at all like, at least in ordinary life, the "Head-hunters" of whom we have read, somewhat slack in the matter of work, but, on the -whole, decidedly above the average of barbarian tribes. As a fisherman the Dyak is a distinctly accomplished person. He has various beliefs, a strong faith in witeheraft, and some notion of another life, not unlike that which we see in the Homeric nekuia. We have also a brief account of missionary effort among this people. It has not as yet produced great results, but the prospect is anything but hopeless ; much might be done if only the men could be found to do it.