2 NOVEMBER 1907, Page 7

Gamble Gold. By Judge Parry. Illustrated by Harry Furuiss. (Hutchinson

and Co. 6s.)—There is some very good fun in the story of Gamble Gold's wanderings. Gamble is a small boy, of just the ago to appreciate all the adventures that befall him, and all the remarkable things he has to see. Judge Parry's fun and humour are very natural and spontaneous, and we slide from one situation to another without effort. His pages are full of quaint and odd sayings and quips, and there are some very happy conceits. It is most excellent reading, and " grown-ups " may enjoy it every whit as much as children. The illustrations are delightf ul, and though the tale is so entertaining that it needs no extraneous help, yet we must confess that the drawings of Mr. Furniss do convey to us in a most happy manner both the spirit of the story and the characters. Letterpress and drawings may be very good of their kind, and yet not interpret each other; but this is an entirely successful collaboration, for which all readers of Gamble Gold must be grateful. The picture of the" Swiss Seal Umpiring is in itself a gem. Some drawings of nymphs are as pretty as this is amusing. We must not forget the clever verses, which, if we mistake not, some of our young friends will soon learn by heart, such as "The Song of the Salmon," "The Lay of the Last Limpet," and the "Stoker's Song." They would redeem the dullest book, and this is one of the most entertaining and delight- ful books we have seen for some time.