2 NOVEMBER 1907, Page 8

Another Book of Verses for Children. Edited by E. V.

Lucas. (Wells Gardner, Barton, and Co. 6s.)—On Mr. Lucas's taste we can safely rely. Still, it is interesting to see his second choice of poems for children. We mention a few. "Skipper Ireson's Ride," Kingsley's "The Last Buccaneer," "The Jackdaw of Rheims,"— these can be found in other collections ; we do not say they ought not to be found in this. But most are happily selected, and include some pieces we should be grateful for,—so much has to be rediscovered nowadays. Moreover, the light and humorous verse, verse harmless but without any obvious moral, is too much neglected, for children like to be amused, and this need is some- times forgotten. Mr. Lucas provides them with a fair share of pure amusement, and there can, then, be no excuse for the possessors of Another Book of Verses for Children saying they have not just the thing for the children's moods. It is prettily illustrated, and altogether a most suitable and acceptable nursery, schoolroom, and playroom anthology.