2 NOVEMBER 1907, Page 8

Chums : an Illustrated Paper for Boys. (Cassell and Co.

8s.)— This fifteenth volume shows no sign of abated vigour. There is an amazing amount of stories of adventure,—the pictures alone are enough to make one's blood run cold. There is some useful information, but the pages are not overloaded with it. There is a fair allowance of humour, and art is not wholly forgotten. Present-day persons and things are treated of in a column which is assigned to this purpose in every number. And there are special articles,—one, for instance, on the Kaiser, who figures among "Living Rulers—when they were Boys." One story we may repeat. One of his teachers gave him private information

that the next lesson would be a certain passage in Xenophon. The Prince put it on the blackboard for the benefit of his class- fellows.