2 NOVEMBER 1907, Page 8

Stories from the Life of Jesus. Told in the Words

of the Bible, with Connecting Notes by the Rev. George S. Carson. (Hodder and Stoughton. 3s. 6d.)—The "words of the Bible "are according to the Revised Version, with the variations proposed by the American Committee. The connecting notes are simply worded, and made as brief as possible. The great feature of the volume is to be seen in the illustrations. Of these there are twenty-four, all taken from famous pictures. Among these we see Holman Hunt's "Light of the World," Tintoretto's "Marriage Feast at Cana," and Watts's "Prodigal Son." We should have preferred another choice to Ary Saeffer's "Temptation." It makes a false impression on a child to give theconventional conception of the Devil. Such an appearance might be terrifying, but could not be attractive. If ever there was an occasion when the Evil One would disguise himself as an Angel of Light, it was this.