2 NOVEMBER 1907, Page 8

The Land of Enchantment. Illustrated by Arthur Bockhorn. (Cassell and

Co. 7s. 6d. net.)—We have many times noticed the great advance that has been made within the last thirty years in the illustrations of the magazines for the young. Here we have an excellent instance. Mr. A. Bockhorn has collected some of the illustrations which be executed for Little Folks in the seven years 1896-1902. These are now republished for the first time. The stories for which they were executed are reprinted at the same time, and it is sufficient to say that they are worthy of being so set forth. They are five in number, "The Maker of Ghosts and the Maker of Shadows," "The Mines of Experience," and "The Stories of Ben the Sailorman," by A. E. Bonser ; "Harry and Herodotus," by B. Sidney Woolf; and Stories from the Edda," by G. S. Buchheim. Of the five we prefer, perhaps, "Ben the Sailorman," a comic Sindbad of excel- lent quality. Nor is there any better picture in the book than that of Ben bringing home his lobsters and turtle. The Herodotus stories are, of course, good—where could we find better material ? —but Mr. Rackham's pencil seems more suited to the comic. The old Greek tale-teller is worthily represented, even to the giving of the familiar Ecbatana in the more correct Agbatana.