2 NOVEMBER 1907, Page 9

The Fairy Land of Nature. By Wood Smith. (S. W.

Partridge. 1s.)—Here we have a description of certain natural marvels, some of them seen every day and often passed over, the silkworm, for instance, the "bottled sunshine" of coal, &c.; others only to be seen by travellers, as the Mammoth Caves.—Facts of Nature are treated again, but in a more fanciful way in story shape, in The Queen Bee, and other Nature Tales, Translated by G. C. Moore- Smith from the Danish of Carl Ewald (T. Nelson and Sons, 3s. 6d.); also Fairies I have Met, by Rudolph Stawell (John Lane, 3s. 6d.)—In a Pincushion. By Mary de Morgan. (Alex. Moring. 3s. 6d. net.)—A third edition.