2 OCTOBER 1852, Page 1

A Sanitary Congress has been sitting in Brussels, discussing the

merits of tubular drainage, just as Peace Congress has sat there before, discussing ocean penny postage, under the royal and official patronage of the place. 'While those peaceful topics are thus mooted, Belgium is giving way under an external pressure ; and the party answering to our Tory party, but allied with the Jesuits, has gained a victory over the Anti-Gallican party of national in- dependence. This is a sequel to the undisguised machinations of France, who has achieved by her hostile tariff that which the hos- tile tariff was used as a threat to enforce—the success of the Priest party. At the same time, the press of- the Austrian capital is throwing out direct warnings, that Belgium, not guaranteed by the treaties of 1815, may find the indulgence which permits her to exist withdrawn if she continue an asylum' to refugees—mainly come, it will be remembered, from France. Essential as tubular drainage may be to health, Belgium is likely to find another spe- cies of tubular activity essential to existence, unless she consent again to become "French Flanders." An imposing demonstratien against London, however hasty, would not be a bad auxiliary to such a blow.