2 OCTOBER 1852, Page 1

Beyond the Atlantic, there is some progress to be reported

: the growing organization and activity of the Order of the'Lone Star, which marches in procession at New Orleans and musters its men at Charleston ; the multiplying rumours of oontinned disturbances in Cuba ; the preparation of Peru to resist American aggression on the Lobos Islands, while New Grenada and Ecuador are preparing to attack Peru in her trouble ; the rumoured invasion of the Mexi- can town of Leon by French and American adventurers, against all public law ; and the renewed seizure of American vessels on the British fishing-grounds—or off those grounds. . There is a slight reaction : Mr. Webster has revoked his sanction of the privateering expedition to the Lobos Islands ; but we do not yet know whether the projector of that enterprise had acquiesced an. Mr. Webster's revoke.