2 OCTOBER 1852, Page 1

The "cloud" in France is no longer "little," but spans

the land from the Belgian frontier to the Pyrenees, and broods over the Mediterranean. "His Imperial Highness," promoted rapidly by the brevet of an organized street cry, makes his progress and advances in the' frankness of his intimations with equal step. At Marseilles his entry is prepared by the discovery of a plot and an infernal machine ; the history of which. appears as exclusive intel- ligence in the same Moniteur that announces the official proceed- ings. At Marseilles he accepts the aspiration of the Chamber of Commerce, that Napoleon's idea of making the Mediterranean "a French lake" should be carried out by his continuator. From the port of the French lake, " his Imperial Highness" sails with a warlike fleet to Toulon, scene of Napoleon's first encounter with the English. The spirit of all that he says, and that all his crea- tures say for him, converts every stage of his tour into a' menace to England.