2 OCTOBER 1852, Page 12


SYDNEY Snarn's noble friend is in his element. Out of office, Lord John Russell is out of bondage, and his best faculties come forth in all their strength. In office, he is always needing the assurances of his friends, to more doubtful folk, that he would act up to his principles if he had the opportunity. ; but in opposition he finds the opportunity, and the assurance is unneeded. He delights us dl with the vigour of his administration, when it is the adminis- tration of antagonism. Lord John's speech at Perth is a model of- party-fighting skill Accused of favouring the bugbear of old Tory ladies, "Democracy," our champion does not run away or hide himself, but he boldly takes the bull by the horns, overturns it, and shows that it is not a bull. The Democracy, to hunt for which Stanley of Derby pro- poses a gathering of the clans, is the mildest and most edible of monsters. The bull is only a bullock. So also Protection is not Protection, but only some patent nos- trum sold by Dr. Derby, and not to be divulged—" Old Parr's Life Pills," to cure unhappiness, distress, want of capital, and other agricultural diseases not hitherto included in the " wonderful cures" of advertising doctors. The way in which Lord John cuts up his opponents, and the bulls they turn into the political arena, is capital ; and he promises to continue the sport when Lord Derby and his colleagues shall make their long-expected statement. Dreadful anticipation ! Disraeli is to jump into a quart bottle, with Graham "there to see it " ; Derby is to take up his position, and then Russell is to have his fling, with some new sword-trick not yet announced; and how effectual the play will be, we may collect from the Perth trial-match.

How well he does it ! Really, Lord John figures so admirably in opposition, that it is a pity he should ever leave it for the in- ferior post of office.