2 OCTOBER 1920, Page 1

What happened at the meeting of the coal-owners and the

miners' representatives was that the owners submitted a scheme for the regulation of wages based upon output. The scheme was rejected by the miners. The miners' representatives then submitted counter-proposals which were considered by the coal-owners and rejected. It will be remembered that at the Conference last week between the Prime Minister and the miners Mr. Hodges tried to lay down the principle that the coal-owners should grant an immediate increase of 2s. a shift in wages on the " probability " that output would be increased. Mr. Lloyd George naturally refused to accept that principle or in any way to prejudice the coal-owners in advance. In spite of this Mr. Smillie and Mr. Hodges have apparently returned to the demand for an immediate increase of 2s.—for their Oaring of the datum lin3 amounts to such a demand.