2 OCTOBER 1920, Page 19

READABLE NOVELS. —In. the Mountains. (Macmillan. 7s. 6d. net.)—Notes by

a woman who has lost in the war all that makes life precious. The book describes how she takes two strangers into her tiny home in the Alps and the romantic result of their visit. The Great Leviathan. By D. A. Barker. (The Bodley Head. 7s. net.)—A story of a social reformer who believes marriage to be a tie unworthy of a civilized nation. A clever account is given of how he spoils his life by his experiment in evading the chains of matrimony. The end of the book is not quite so convincing.—Poor Angela. By Gertrude Byron. (Melrose. 7s. net.)—An exceptionally clever study of an egoist who goes to extreme lengths in maintaining her position as the central figure of her circle. The author has rather a bitter wit, but the results aro entertaining. —The Helping Hand. By Robert Barr. (Mills and Boon. 7s. 6d. net.)—A collection of short stories, of which the best is " The Bank Manager." The way in which John Murdoch turns the table on the man who comes to blackmail him is exceedingly ingenious.