2 OCTOBER 1920, Page 3

Tho peace negotiations at Riga between the Poles and the

Bolsheviks have made little progress. Tho Bolsheviks have offered to recognize a Polish frontier drawn further east than the line proposed by the Allies. They have also offered to admit the independence of the Ukraine, on condition that the " Red " administration set up by them against the will of the Ukrainians is recognized by Poland—a condition which would reduce the independence of the Ukraine to a shadow. Tho truce arranged by the Allies between Poland and Lithuania has not come into force, as the Lithuanian army, acting in concert with the Bol- sheviks, attacked the Poles. Lithuania has asked the League of Nations to inquire into the matter. Military operations con- tinue along the whole front. The Poles on Monday occupied the fortress of Grodno, which offered a stubborn resistance to the Germans in the late summer of 1915. Crossing the Niemen, the Poles advanced to Lida in the direction of Vilna, the popu- lation of which is half Polish and half Lithuanian.