2 SEPTEMBER 1843, Page 10


The Martha, :Smythe, from Calcutta to Loudon, put into St. Helena, 11th July, leaky. Amman—At Gravesend, 26th August, Robin Gray. Patollo, front Calcutta; 29th, Josephine, Smith, from Singapore; 30th, Alexander Baring, Hall, from China ; Pal- myra. Campbell, from Singapore ; and Halifax Packet, Culford, from Calcutta. At St. Helena, 10th July, Francis Yates. M• Lean, from London ; Velox. Adams, from the Cape; Lady Gray, Hawk es, from Batavia; Siam, Smith; and St. Lawrence, Newlonds, from China ; 13th, Narcissus, Batty, from Ceylon; arid Edinburglt. Patterson. lrom Chins; aud 14th, Worcester, Waugh. from Calcutta. At Cape of Good Hope. 15th June. Agrippina, Rogers, from London.

SAILED—From Gravesend, 240t August, Coreyra, Hazelwood; and Nlandane, Oho- blett, for Bombay ; 25th, l'rince of Wales. Hopkins, for Calcutta ; nod 26111, Carnatie, Hyne, fur Bombay. From Southampton. 24th ditto, Bentick, Rellock, for Calcutta. From Liverpool, 29th ditto. Earl Gray, Id Wean, for Calcutta; and Leih. Harbinger, Candlish, for Singapore. From Greeuock, 26th ditto, Mohawk, Fergossou for Bombay.