2 SEPTEMBER 1843, Page 10



The usual quartely notice was yesterday issued from the Bank of England, declaring the readiness of the Directors to make advances upon the deposit of approved securities, till the 19th October, at an interest of 3 per cent per annum.

The English Funds have acquired considerable firmness; the issue of money in payment of the Opium Scrip having caused several investments, while many of the minor speculators who have been operating for the fall have closed their accounts, apparently in despair. Our quotation of Consols has been today a. high as 954; marking an advance of 14 per cent upon the lowest quotation of last week—that of Friday, when, during the alarm occasioned by the reported seizure of a French vessel laden with arms for Ireland, the price fell to 94. The books of the Three-and-a-half per Cent Reduced, Three-and-a-half per Cent 1818, and Reduced Three per Cents, closed today ; and money business in these various stocks, unless by special transfer, will cease till 11th October. The business of the Foreign Market has been of a more varied character than usual. Dutch Stock is still suffering under the effect of the threatened income-tax, and both the Two-and-a-half per Cents and Five per Cents are film to 4 per cent lower. Portuguese Bonds have been in great demand, and have improved fully 2 per cent ; the approaching conclusion of the Tariff hav- ing given a decided impulse to speculation. Spanish Stock has been without material variation till today, when the reported acknowledgment of the new Government by our Ambassador at Madrid has given rise to an improvement of nearly 1 per cent. Mexican Bonds are also in demand at an advance upon our last quotation ; it being considered certain that a dividend will be paid upon them in October. Columbian are depressed, and are about f per cent below curtest prices, in consequence of the delay of New Grenada in acceding to the arrangements proposed by the Bondholders. Brazilian are rather firmer; and the New Brazilian of 1843 are getting more into favour, some bargains having occurred in the course of the meek at 654. We are not aware of any transactions having taken place in the New Portuguese Annuities. The Share-market does not offer any scope for remark. Among the Mine Shares, we may obeserve the St. John Del Rey still continue to improve, and are quoted at 10 and 104. The Australasian Banks also maintain their quo- tations; the alarm recently occasioned by the disclosure of the unhealthy state of one of the local banks at Sydney having quite subsided. Among the Railways, the business has been pretty general. The South-western have not been effected by the recent reduction of the dividend. The Great Western appear to be slowly declining, under the operation of real sales, which supply the demand for Shares, and enable speculators for the fall to complete bargains made at much higher prices.

3 per Cent Consols Ditto for Account

95 4

95 4 Chilton Deferred Colombian 6 per Cents, 1824

40 2

244 1 3 per Cent Reduced 951 Danish 3 per Cents

86 7 31 per Cent Ditto.

shut Dutch 21 per Cents 524 1 New 31 per Cents 1024 4 Ditto 5 per Cents ..... ..... 101 4 Bank Stock fur Account shut Mexican 5 per Cents Cenral . 371 8 Exchequer Bills

56 7

Portuguese New 5p. Cts.1841 431 4 India Stock 264 1 Russian 5 per Cents ....... 1141 151 Brazilian 5 per Cents 74 5 Spanish (Active) Spec Cents. 191 i Belgian 5 per Cents 104 5 Ditto 3 per Cents 1842 261 1 Chilian 6 per Cents .... ...... 98 100

SATURDAY, TWELVE O'CLOCK. The English Funds are the same as yesterday, with but few transactions. A bargain has occurred in Reduced Three per Cents, by special transfer, at 95g. In the Foreign Market prices are the same. We can as yet only notice the following transactions in Railway Shares—Edinburgh and Glasgow, 484; Great Western, New, 624; South-western, ex div. 631.

SATURDAY. Two o'ctodx.

In the English Market there is no variation, and prices leave off firm : Con- sols for Money, 95 4; Ditto, for the Account, 95 4; New Three-and-half per Cents, 1024 4; Exchequer Bills, 56s. to 57s.; India Stock, 2644. Foreign Stocks have not fluctuated; but Spanish Three per Cents may be quoted 4 higher, being 261 4; ate; Fives, 1914; Brazilian, 74 5; Belgian, 104 5 ; Columbian, 2414; Mexican, 374 8; Danish 86 7; Dutch Two-and-a-half per Cents, 521 4; ditto Five per Cents, 101 4; Portuguese, 431 4; Russian, 1141 1156. ln Railway Shares business has been transacted at the following prices per Share—Birmingham and Gloucester, 53 ex div, ; Edinburgh and Glasgow, 484; Great Western, 861; Ditto, New Ralf-shares, 621; Ditto, Fifths, 151; London and Brighton, 344; South-western, 636; Manchester and Birming- ham, 274, ex div.; Midland Counties, 784; Northern and Eastern Scrip, 17; Paris and Orleans, 261; Paris and Rouen, 281. In- PI i n i n g Shares, Cobre Copper have been done at 18; Real Del Monte, Registered, 44; Ditto, Unre- gistered, 51. Bank Shares—London Joint Stock Bank, 12; Union Bank of Australia, 29.