2 SEPTEMBER 1843, Page 20



On the 17th August, at the Rectory, Hartlebury, the Lady of the Rev. Tawas/Wm. of a son.

On the 113th, at Theberlon Hall, the Lady of the Rev. C. Mmeraoux Doi:tower, of a sou.

On the 20th, at Pilton House. Banistaple, the Lady of the Rev. Bonacuiza SeviLx, Vicar of Okelampton, of a son, still-born. On the 20th, at Drogheda, the Lady of Captain Joint ROOFER, of We Rifle Brigade, of a son.

On the 226, at Rushton Rectory, the Lady of the Rev. J. WETHERALL, of a son. On the 25th, at Parkanour, Tyrone, the Lady CABomma Bowies, of a son. On the 25th. at Sidmouth, the Lady of the Hon. W. WELLESLY, of a daughter. Ou the 26th, at Cheltenham, the Lady of Captain WALTER WARDE, of a daughter. On the 26th, in Frederick Street, Mrs. Join; EDWARD TAtruni, of a daughter. On the 29th, at Anglesea, the Hon. Mrs. R. C. TRENCH, of a son.


On the 17th August, at the British Embassy, at Berne, Switzerland, VESET Towles DAWSON, of the Middle Temple. Barrister-at-Law, to CATHERINE Menu, only daughter of the late THOMAS BAYLIS, Esq.. of 'Woolwich Common, Kent.

On the 22d, at St. Mary's, Bathwick, the Rev. Jean. WALKER, Rector of Great Billing. to CATHERINE MARY Auourre, secoud daughter of Captain W. F. CARROLL, R.N., C. B., and granddaughter of the late Vice Admiral Sir Richard Dacres, G.C.H.

Oa the 25th, at Annan, WILLIAM MAXWELL Drums, Esq.. Hon. East India Company's Civil Service, SO ANN JANE, second daughter of ALEXANDER CARRUTHERS, Esq., of Warman tile, Dumfriesshire.

On the 26.h. in Bearsted Church, DERRY Seeress, eldest son of R. I. Tammy. Esq., of Kirby Hall, Yorkshire, to ELIZABETH ANNE, second daughter of Sir Jams Caorr, Bart., ut Dadington. Kent, and Cooling Hall, Yorkshire. On the 291.11, at Church Gresley, Derbyshire, Thomas WILLIAM FLAVELL, Esq.. (hued son of the Rev. J. W. Flavell, Rector of Stody and Hume, rth, Norfolk, to AOMRS, youngest daughter of the Rev. G. W. LLOYD. D.D., Incumbent of Greeley. On the 29th, at Ipswich, the Rev. W. W. Woonmorms. M.A. to Lamm, youngest daughter of the late Rear-Admiral Sir CHARLES CUNNINGHAM. of oak House, Suffolk. On the 29th, at Walton. Suffolk, the Rev. WILLIAM Cot.Lxvv, of t,t. Peter's College, Cambridge. B.A., to MARY CECIL AUOU,TA, only daughter of the late Count Lissolossr, of Ipswich. On the 30th, at St. George's, Bloomsbury, GEOROE STANSFELD MARSHALL, Esq., of Denmark Hill, second son of Sir Chapman Marshall. to EMMA ELIZA, second daughter of JEREMIAH PILCH ea. Esq.. Sheriff of London and Middlesex.

On the 31st, at Alford, the Rev. Mumma airway FITZGERALD, M.A., Rector of Fled. borough. Notts, son of Vice-Admiral Sir ROBERT FITZGERALD, K.C.H., to THERESA, eldest daughter of the Rev. T. GALE Tiramco, of Alford Reuse, Somerset. On 1st September, at Sauningbill Church, Captain Sir Thomas BOURCIIIER, K.C.B., to JANE BARBARA, eldest daughter of Admiral Sir EDWARD CODRINGTON, G.C.B. DEATHS.

On the 13th August, at the Hospice de Vieille, in the Pyrenees, James Barium Hoy. Esq., of Thornhill Park, near Southampton; the result or an accident while on a shooting excursion among the mountains above the Hospice. In crossing a ravine the unfortunate gentleman slipped in a rock, when his gun fell from his hand and went off, the contents passing through and severely lacerating the left arm. He survived only twenty-four hours.

Ou the 20th, Mrs. Nzmiost, of Bummer. Essex; in her 101st year. On the 21st, at Schlierbach, near Heidelberg, Sir Kann AtixArzora JAarsom, Bart., late a Captain in the Fourth Light Dragoons.

On the 24th, JOHN Penny CROOKE, Esq., of Vicar's 11111, near Lymiugtoti, Rants; in his 35th year.

On the 24th. at Watergate, Sussex, General Sir Jens Auousvus CIUMBIE, G.C.H.

Oct the 25th, at Milford Hall, near Stafford, the Rev. Rica. LEN Err ; in hisjOth yens.

On the 26th, in Park Street, Grusvenor Square, the Hon. Mrs. CesaLzs Nemesia. . ,

Oa the 27th. at Hambrook, Arms, Widow of the late Lieutenant-General THOMAS AVARNK. of Rugely. Staffordshire. daughter of Major Blair, of Blair. Ayrshire. On the 28th. in William Street, Lowudes Square. Sir THOMAS CHARLES MORGAN, M.D. On the 30th, at Barnes. Surrey, JOHN Meier SLADE, Esq.. Lieu'enant-Colouel in the Army. and late Major of the First Gragoon Guards, eldest son of General Sir John Slade. Bart.. G.C.H. M North Runcton. Norfolk. HARRIET ALICIA, Wife of the Hon. WroorAta COWPER, daughter of Daniel Gamey. Esq., mid the late Lady H. Gurney ; in her 19th year.